2 February

Brunch: soy nuggets, fruit, juice.
Snack: teddy grahams, dark chocolate raisins, cookies.
Dinner: little salad, French fries, soy nuggets, juice.

30 January

-Luna bar.
-Vegetable lo mein.
-honeydew melon; pineapple/banana/lemonade smoothie; fried rice wrap.

28 January 2014

Breakfast: Luna bar.

Snack: 1 pack of dark chocolate raisins.

Lunch: 1 green pear, 1 pink apple.

Dinner: soy nuggets, mashed potatoes; cranberry juice.

Dessert: chocolate and coffee ice cream w/ whipped cream.

8 January 2014

Brunch: pom/banana/wh choc muffin; chocolate milk.

Dinner: vegetable soup, cheese and salsa burrito; orange juice.

Dessert: vanilla ice cream w/ ban, dark choc chips, choc sauce, teddy grahams; milk.

Snack: blue/pom juice.

26 August

Breakfast: small slice of homemade fruit/cream cheese Danish; strawberry/banana yogurt w/ Crispy Rice; Arizona green tea.

Lunch: grilled cheese w/ salsa.

Dinner: pasta w/ cheese; Arizona.

Dessert: baked apple w/ blueberries, cinnamon, green tea; milk.

12 August

Day 1 of the final band camp.

Breakfast: bagel w/ cream cheese and strawberry jam; Arizona iced tea; Monster drink.
Lunch: spaghetti w/ salsa and romano cheese; fruit salad of blueberries, strawberries, watermelon; blueberry/pineapple tea.
Dinner: —-

Exercise: 5 hours of band camp conditioning, stretching, and marching.

11 August

Brunch: bagel w/ cream cheese and strawberry jam; Arizona green tea.
Dinner: spaghetti w/ salsa and Romano cheese; milk; juice.

Exercise: work.
Reading: to page 81 of 1984.

10 August

Weight: 124 (-2)

Breakfast: bagel w/ Olivio; yogurt; Arizona green tea.
Snack: medium Wendy’s vanilla milkshake thing.
Dinner: raviolis; fruit punch.
Snack: crackers; Rice Crispies treat; water.

I was a guy in a bathroom using the facilities. Toilet kept overflowing with liquid. I had a male part, examining it, felt basically natural…
9 August

Brunch: grilled cheese; Arizona green tea.
Dinner: 4 slices pizza, 2 w/ mushrooms; water.
Dessert: sherbet in cone; 2 Popsicles.